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Bakeshop on the Rock started as a project of the nephew of Dr. Nepomucena Buot,a noted chef of the locality. Dr. Buot`s nephew baked different kinds of bread for the neighborhood and formulated a recipe for making delicious ubi polvoron,cakes and puto. His recipe were so tasty that in a short period of time, it became famous among the locals through referrals. Later, word spread about town and developed into a native delicay and favorite pasalubong item for friends and neighbors elsewhere in the country and abroad.

      Unfortunately, Dr. Buot`s nephew had to leave the country for greener pastures. He, However left the secret of his winning recpipes with his aunt, who together with a businesswoman friend, Ms. Florencia Gilay-Pestelos, decided to continue the bakeshop. Ms. Pestelos took care of the business papers and registered the business as a single proprietorship under her name. She takes care of the finances and marketing of the products. Ms. Pestelos has a store unit in the populous area of Baclayon town where the products are normally displayed. Through the years, the two women developed business relation with other townmates. Today, their polvoron products can be purchased at Angel`s Food Basket, BQ Mall, ICM, Aproniana`s, GASA Souvenir Shop ,Baclayon 6-7 Food Station.

    Polvoron is one of the known Philippine delicacies made basically out of flour, butter or shortening and milk. It comes in different flavor; plain, butter, pinipig, cookies & cream, ubi and a lot more. Ubi root crops being very common in the Island of Bohol is the main focus of the recipes left behind by Dr. Buot` nephew. Dr. Buot with long time friend, Ms. Florencia Pestelos decided to venture in the production of ubi products to promote the local root crop and encourage the Boholano farmers to plant this well-cherished crop

   Bakeshop on the Rock is engaged in the manufacture of breads and pastries specializing in Ubi products such as Ubi polvoron, puto, cakes and pies. Currently the company is producing approximately one thousand (1,000) pieces of ubi polvoron, five hundred (500) pieces of ubi puto and several thousands more of other breads and pastries.

   The product is a common pasalubong item for travelers or regarded as an appropriate gift item for a special occasion.





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